Spoken Voice, Clarinet, Double Bass, Marimba

Wash My Heart
Wash My Heart is a lyric poem that weaves together a celebration of the transformation of winter into spring with a love song. Lyric poems, by their very nature, are highly musical and often express strong emotion or romantic love. In ancient Rome and Greece, lyric poems were sung to the accompaniment of a lyre. In fact, the word lyre is at the root of lyric. The Greek word lyrikos means “singing to the lyre.”
Ruelaine Stokes

Wash My Heart is a poem written by Ruelaine Stokes. Through the MSU Voicing Poetry project, I met Ruelaine and decided to work together. The poem uses the combination of the season changing and love. Within the poem itself is there are three sections which I tried to complement with the music. Since each three sections have a different feel, I decided on a small ensemble of instruments I felt could work together well and can fit the mood of the piece. The spoken voice sections are choreographed with the music to a certain extent, but with the way it is written, the speaker can still keep the natural flow of the poem. Preserving the poem's flow was very important to me and I made sure to work closely with Ruelaine to do so. For if it wasn't for the poem, the piece wouldn't exist.
Duncan Petersen-Jones