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Duncan Michael Petersen-Jones was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1994.  When he was young, he moved with his parents and siblings to Michigan in the USA.  Duncan attended university and graduated with a Bachelor in Music Composition at Michigan State University in 2017, where he was able to study with Jere Hutcheson and Alexis Bacon.
Duncan is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Music Composition from The University of Michigan, where he has studied with Evan Chamber and Michael Daugherty. Duncan has composed for many ensembles, from string quartets, bagpipes, and saxophone quartets, to full orchestra and band.


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This recording is one of my earlier works. With a broad instrumental range and notes soaring across all pitch levels, Sattachi Mummato has become a fan favorite among my audiences.

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“The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one's self of the chains that shackle the spirit.” -Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)

Taking this quote for inspiration, I crafted a piece which has an interesting constraint, only using 4 notes.  !ith the melodic constraint of 4 notes; A, B, C, D; I focused on a composition that challenges the players through different motives and different rhythmic challenges.


For purchasing (or free!) music or commissioning of music.

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Perspective is representative of a change in perspective.  The piece changes in the middle from a dark point of view to a lighter point of view.  The motives in the first section are repeated in the second half, but happier.  The piece has a total of 5 different section.  The first section is slow and brooding, and changes into the second section which is faster and more furious.  The third section is the start of the change.  It acts mysterious and changing, and half way through the section it becomes lighter, but still not a complete change in perspective.  In the fourth section, the piece officially has transitioned to a happier mood, but has a similar motive to the second section.  Then the fifth section is the final section, and like the fourth section, the fifth section has the same motives as the first section.  I created this piece to represent that there are two sides to every situation and to hopefully have people start thinking of both sides.  The piece was premiered Nov. 1st, 2016.

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