An Deireadh

Orchestra and Bagpipes

"An Deireadh" is The End in Gaelic. This piece is suppose to represent the
end, an apocalyptic piece. It starts off with an explosive beginning, which
leads into a siren. As the siren warns the listener of what to come, the
bagpipes prepare their entrance. The siren hits it's apex and the bagpipe
begins it's entrance. It starts of with a desolate melody, giving a dark feeling.
The music intensifies, but then suddenly seems to back off. But as it seems like
the worse is over, more dread comes back with more force. This builds up to a
climax where the Bagpipes gliss up, ending the climax. Then there is a
moment of peace, a sort of eye of the storm. The bagpiper goes into a cadenza,
composed by the bagpiper to specialize to their strengths. Going out of the
cadenza, the bagpipe goes into a death march of sorts, which builds into the
final explosion. Coming out of the final explosion, the bagpipes plays a
lament, walking off stage followed by the winds of the highlands.


Performance Feb. 20, 2019 at Hill Auditorium.d